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Shirdi is also known as Land of Sai.
It is about 125 kilometers away from Manas Resort.
  Saptshrungi Devi Vani
Saptshrungi means a mountain having seven peaks.
This temple is about 117 km away from Manas Resort.
Dharmachakra Jain Tirth
About 12 km from Nashik and 40 km from Manas Resort, this temple is built over a spread of 13 acres near Vilholi village.
  Vipassana Research Institute
This institute was established in 1985 to conduct research into the sources and application of the Vipassana Meditation Technique. It is about 4 km away from Manas Resort.
Vihi Waterfall (Ashoka Waterfall)
This amazing 120-foot waterfall is near Vihigaon, about 12 km away from Manas Resort.
  Shani Shingnapur
The village is popular for the temple of Shani.
It is about 177 km away from Manas Resort.
Manas Temple
This Jain temple is on top of a small hill about 40 km from Manas Resort.

Bhandardara Dam
Built in 1926, is also known as Wilson Dam.
It is about 44 km away from Manas Resort.

Tringalwadi Lake
Tringalwadi Lake is very close to the Tringalwadi Fort. It is 11 km from Manas Resort.
  Tringalwadi Fort
It is just behind the Ghatandevi Temple. It is supposed to have been built in the 10th century.
Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple
The Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple is an ancient temple named after the town of Trimbak in which it is located. It is about 53 km away from Manas Resort.
  Bhatsa River Valley
This valley lies in the basin of Bhatsa River situated at the end of Thal Ghat while entering Igatpuri from Mumbai.
Camel Valley
Camel Valley is located just after the end of Kasara Ghat. It is just 1 km away from Manas Resort.

Vaitarna Dam
The gravity dam impounds the water of River Vaitarna to supply water to Mumbai. Located in Nashik district, it is about 41 km away from Manas.

Shrine of The Infant Jesus Church
The Shrine of The Infant Jesus Church is about 53 km from Manas Resort. The church hosts an annual Infant Jesus Festival every February.
  Gargoti Museum
The Gargoti Museum is in the town of Sinnar, near Nashik. It houses mineral specimens collected over 40 years. 'Goti' is the Mararhi word for stone or pebble. This museum is 70 km away from Manas Resort.
Ghatandevi Temple
Ghatandevi Temple is dedicated to Ghatandevi, who is believed to be the protector of the ghats. The majestic peaks of Harihar, Durvar Utvad and Trimbak form a striking backdrop to the temple. Behind the temple lies the Tringalwadi Fort. It is about 1 km away from Manas Resort.

Manas Resort
A beautiful, serene and rejuvenating destination tucked away in a natural paradise, yet  within a few hours
or a few minutes from many unique sightseeing and religious locations:

Shirdi (125 km)
Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple (53 km)
Ghatandevi Temple (1 km)
Shani Shingnapur (177 km)
Manas Temple (40 km)
Dharmachakra Jain Tirth (40 km)
Saptshrungi Devi Vani (117 km)
Shrine Of Infant Jesus Church (53 km)
Vipassana Research Institute (4 km)
Gargoti Mineral Museum (70 km)
Bhatsa River Valley (3 km)
Camel Valley (1 km)
Tringalwadi Fort (20 km)
Tringalwadi Lake (11 km)
Vaitarna Dam (40 km)
Vihi Waterfall (12 km)
Bhandardara Dam (44 km)
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